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Aaron’s heart is to restore the Word of God to the foundation of corporate worship, and to help lead the next generation of worship leaders (who lead songs) to become more biblically empowered worship pastors (who lead people).


Let’s face it...

The Worship Industry today is in a precarious place.  Our contemporary worship culture is more about great concerts than the great commission.  Many worship leaders today are more interested in gigs than growth, which leads them to be more committed to their fans than their families.  Sadly, I can speak from my own experience.

Worship culture today is more about being professional than prophetic. Worship services are more about production than presence. Worship leading is more about tours than tears. If you disagree, just ask anyone:  “What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘worship leader’ today?”  10 times out of 10, I’d bet you’ll hear more about a great show than a good shepherd.

Track 3 Retreat, Pawley's Island, SC

Track 3 Retreat, Pawley's Island, SC

Let’s also face the fact that while seminaries and universities are training leaders and pastors, there aren’t a lot of options for worship leaders.  Thankfully, this is shifting, and many churches and universities are beginning to offer education for developing worship leaders. However, education is not discipleship, and Jesus did way more than teach a class and relay information. If we think teaching a certain set of information to the next generation will procure their success, then we overestimate either our capacity or our material, and we underestimate the model and methods of Jesus.

Developing worship leaders is good, but discipling them is critical. This is what we’re about, because this is what Jesus was about.  

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